Pop Corn Balls

Nothing says fall to me like home-made caramels and popcorn balls. When we were little we used to go trick or treating, and we always made sure to go to Merle Eastham's house. She always gave out her homemade popcorn balls and we loved them! I never knew how to make them until I had … Continue reading Pop Corn Balls

Garlic Flavored Popcorn

My family and I were lucky enough to get to go to Ireland a couple of years ago. When we were there we went to a restaurant that served garlic flavored popcorn as an appetizer. I loved it! When I returned home I decided I would try it. Now I realize that this idea is … Continue reading Garlic Flavored Popcorn

Moist Chocolate Ganache Cake

My Daughter and I used to go to a cake shop named "Betty Cakes".  We would always order their spider cake. It was a chocolate cake, with a buttercream frosting, and a chocolate ganache poured over the entire cake.  They would always decorate the top with a white chocolate spider web, hence the name spider … Continue reading Moist Chocolate Ganache Cake

Reusable Swiffer Pads

Hello everyone! I wanted to tell you about the Swiffer pads I made yesterday! I had seen the idea of fleece reusable swiffer pads on pinterest.  Yesterday, I was at the fabric store looking through the remnant bin. I happened to notice some fleece pieces there and decided to buy a piece and give it … Continue reading Reusable Swiffer Pads