Behind the Bars Quilt

My latest project was made for my nephew who will be leaving home to start college this summer. I saw this pattern on Etsy at a shop called TCSfabrics. The pattern is by Urban Elementz. ( I loved that it looked  both modern and masculine. I ordered the kit from TCSfabrics   ( ) which contained … Continue reading Behind the Bars Quilt


Baby Bug Quilts

When my son was little, his favorite book was called Snug Bug. In the book Snug Bug had a teddy bug. My Mom made my son a little teddy bug and he loved it and slept with it every night for a long time. We still have the original teddy bug and here is a … Continue reading Baby Bug Quilts

Fall Scarecrow Table Runner

Mom reminded me of a verse in Ecclesiastes 7:8 today that says, "Better is the end of a thing than its beginning."  That is how I felt when I finished this fall table runner. After all the steps involved in its completion, it felt so good to have it all finished and ready to use. … Continue reading Fall Scarecrow Table Runner

Double Irish Chain Quilt with Celtic Knot Quilting

I enjoyed making my nine patch quilt with the 3 inch squares so much that I continued to cut up any small scrap pieces of fabric I had into 3 inch squares.  I just tucked them away into a container until I had about 500 squares. I had just taken a vacation with my family … Continue reading Double Irish Chain Quilt with Celtic Knot Quilting

Stained Glass Quilt

As a quilter who also loves stained glass lamps and other stained glass items in general, I decided to make a quilt that looked like stained glass. Choosing bright colors in batik fabrics would give it the look of the sun shining through.  It was fun shopping for fabrics. Then, of course every piece needed … Continue reading Stained Glass Quilt