Me Oh My It’s a Blackberry Pie!

What is the best dessert ever? I suppose if we asked 50 people that, we would get 50 different answers. But no matter, because I'm sure I am correct when I say that Blackberry pie is the best dessert ever! Maybe I feel this way because it never gets old. I mean how many places … Continue reading Me Oh My It’s a Blackberry Pie!

Fruit Crisp

I love a nice warm apple crisp! But why stop there? Why not make a peach crisp, or a cherry crisp? I have made all three with this recipe, and it works great! I do add a little extra sugar on the cherries, simply because they are more tart. This is easy to make and … Continue reading Fruit Crisp

Coconut Cream Pudding or Pie Filling

When I was younger I wouldn't touch coconut, but now that I'm older my tastes have changed and I can't get enough of the stuff.  This recipe can be used as a pie filling (with a mile high meringue), or as a pudding.  I usually make it as a pudding.  My husband loves this stuff! … Continue reading Coconut Cream Pudding or Pie Filling