Cheddar Potato Soup

This one goes out to Amanda, my former pharmacy technician, who was always on the hunt for a good potato soup for lunch. I used to make a big pot of this soup almost every Sunday afternoon. When my kids were little I used to feed them leftovers for lunch. This seemed like a great … Continue reading Cheddar Potato Soup

Me Oh My It’s a Blackberry Pie!

What is the best dessert ever? I suppose if we asked 50 people that, we would get 50 different answers. But no matter, because I'm sure I am correct when I say that Blackberry pie is the best dessert ever! Maybe I feel this way because it never gets old. I mean how many places … Continue reading Me Oh My It’s a Blackberry Pie!

Moist Chocolate Ganache Cake

My Daughter and I used to go to a cake shop named "Betty Cakes".  We would always order their spider cake. It was a chocolate cake, with a buttercream frosting, and a chocolate ganache poured over the entire cake.  They would always decorate the top with a white chocolate spider web, hence the name spider … Continue reading Moist Chocolate Ganache Cake