Mariners Compass Throw

My sisters youngest son has now graduated from high school! We must be getting old. I wanted to make him a throw for his graduation and started on it almost a year in advance. I thought I would get it done early and put it away for his graduation. As it turned out I was rushing to get the quilting done in time. I knew I wanted to put the mariners compass in the center but had no idea what to do after that. So for each phase of this quilt I had paralysis by analysis as I decided what to do next. Also the background fabric I used was directional so I had to make sure each piece was facing the right direction. This will not be an instructional blog as I can barely remember how I did it myself. I did get the pattern for the compass from Whims and Fancies on Etsy.

(I have recently discovered that this pattern is no longer available on Etsy and I have been unable to locate it elsewhere.)

I enlarged the compass pattern by 400%. Then I did flying geese around the outside.

Added a couple borders and made a pattern with 3 inch blocks across the top and bottom.

I really liked how it turned out. My son liked it too and asked if I would make him one. I said I love you but no. Some things I can only do once.

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