Silk Edged Baby Blanket

I have made so many of these silk edged baby blankets! My son loved his so much! He carried them everywhere and always went to sleep with one. I gave many away as shower gifts and several of those children loved theirs as well. I gave one to a dear boy who went to church with us and I remember seeing his parents regularly trying to pry his blanket out of his hands before he went in to worship services. His Mom once said to me, “It must feel good to know that you made the thing he loves most in this world.” You know what? It did feel good. Here is a picture of my son with one of his.

To make one of these blankets you need one yard of quality flannel and 1 package of satin blanket binding. As my kids got older I made them bigger blankets using 1 1/2 yard of flannel and 2 packages of satin blanket binding. Some of the flannel out there these days pills up after washing something terrible, so try to get a good quality flannel and always wash your flannel first. Flannel will shrink a good bit and you want the shrinking to be done before you put the satin around the edge.

Once you have pe-washed and dried your flannel fold it into quarters and trim off the raggety edges that will occur from the washing. Then fold the start of your satin binding over and press so there is no raw edge.

Line the folded satin edge up with one of the corners of your flannel and pin in place sliding the flannel all the way into the satin binding. One side of the satin binding is slightly longer than the other. Make sure the longer side is on the back.

I like to use what I call the honeycomb stitch to sew the binding into place. It is a nice wide stitch that is sure to catch it on both sides and holds up really well to all the abuse this blanket will take should your little one decide it is his/her favorite thing in the world. Ha ha. Here is a close up of that stitch, but you can feel free to use any stitch that makes you happy.

Sew down one side of the blanket being sure to keep the flannel tucked all the way into the satin. Before you make it all the way to the corner, fold your binding at a 90 degree angle to make the turn to the other side. When you make that 90 degree turn open the binding up like the picture below.

Then when you fold it back together you will have a nice mitered edge on the top.

Turn the edge over and make sure the bottom side is lined up properly as well.

Pin in place and continue sewing around the blanket repeating these steps at the next 2 corners.

When you get to the last corner where you started you will cut your satin about 1/2 inch longer than the edge. You will then turn that extra 1/2 inch under like you did at the very beginning and then fold the edges to the inside as though you were making a paper airplane so that your finished edge will look like a mitered edge to match the others.

Then you will sew the edge all the way to the end. This will secure it in place.

I then go back and sew all the edges down so they match.

Then you have a sweet, soft, silkie, lightweight blanket.

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