Pullover Baby Bibs

I have a friend who works at a daycare for ages 6 weeks and up. They were in need of several bibs and preferred the kind that is pulled over the child’s head. I made my own pattern out of freezer paper, but you can use any kind of paper you have on hand.

  • Take your paper and cut a rectangle 19 inches by 13 inches.
  • Fold it in half lengthwise and widthwise so that all your outer corners are together.
  • Take a bowl and trace a curve on the outer edges and cut them all at once so they will be identical.
  • Open the paper back up and use a bowl or plate that is about 5 1/2 inches in diameter to trace the circle for the neck opening about 3 inches from the top using your previous fold lines to keep it centered.

  • Use your pattern to cut out 2 layers of fabric. I could have cut a layer of batting if I wanted the bib to be super absorbent, but they wanted these bibs to be able to dry quickly so we felt the 2 layers of fabric would serve our purpose well enough.
  • Put the 2 pieces of fabric right sides together and sew all around the outside using a 1/4 inch seam.
  • Use the neck hole to turn the fabric right side out and press it nice and flat.
  • Topstitch around the outside of the bib to keep everything laying nicely when washed.
  • Take your knit ribbing and cut the neck piece 3 inches by 12 inches.
  • Sew the ends of the ribbing together.
  • Fold the ribbing in half so the seams are on the inside and press it flat.
  • Place a pin in the center back and front of the ribbing, and one in the middle of each side.
  • Mark the center back and front of the neck hole and the center of each side with a pin.
  • Take the ribbing and pin it to the bib matching the pins you have already put in place. The ribbing will be smaller than the neck hole so you will need to stretch it as you sew.
  • Stitch the ribbing to the bib and then clean up the raw edges with a serger or a zigzag stitch.
  • Press the seam away from the neck hole.
  • Turn the bib right side up and topstitch around the neck hole to keep the seam laying nice and flat wash after wash.

These would make great baby shower gifts!

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