Homemade Hanging Kitchen Towels

I love these hanging kitchen towels. It is always nice to have a handy towel when cooking. These are super easy to make and since you are making it yourself you can pick the kind of towel you like in the colors that match your home.  These also make great affordable holiday, bridal shower or hostess gifts. 

You will simply need a kitchen towel, matching pot holder, matching thread, button, and any embellishments you might want to add. You will want to start by folding your towel so that it is the same width as your potholder. This will vary depending on which size pot holder you choose. I choose a rather narrow potholder so had to overlap my towel quite a bit. 

Once you have your towel folded to the correct width lay it out flat and find the center of the towel and mark it.

Then find the center of your potholder and lay it on top of the center of the towel with right sides together. 

Then simply sew straight across the center sewing the potholder and towel together. The little plastic dots on my potholder did not help in this endeavor, (hopefully you will be smarter than me and choose a potholder without them), however it was doable with a walking foot and a small amount of tugging. 

You will then want to pick out a cute button to sew onto the top of your potholder that is on the opposite side of the loop. The size of your button may depend on the size of your loop. My loop was not very big so I sewed my button onto a small piece of ribbon.  I then sewed the ribbon onto the top of my potholder so the loop would reach around it. If your pot holder has a bigger loop you will not need to do this. 

Then you just button your towel onto your stove or dishwasher handle and use. Since the potholders I bought came in a pack of 2 I decided to make another towel for a friend.  

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