Mariners Compass Paper Piecing

IMG_7083I decided to make a quilt with a mariners compass in the center. I found a great paper piecing pattern on Etsy by Whims and Fancies at this link:Compass Pattern.  

The pattern was for a 10 inch square.  I wanted mine to be bigger and wanted to do a trial run before I started on my actual project, so off I went to the copy center to have my pattern pieces enlarged by 200%.  My Mom and I worked on the paper piecing together and made this black and gray compass on a tan antique map printed fabric. The compass block was 20 inches and we applied a 2 inch border. I added circles by tracing some various size plates and using my zig-zag stitch. I put a sleeve across the back so it can be used as a wall hanging, but it could also be used as a table runner.

I am enlarging the compass by 300% for my next project. Stay tuned.

Link to enlarged compass throw:

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