Floating Diamond Placemats

IMG_2601I love watching Angela Walter’s “Midnight Quilt Show” youtube videos. In the linked episode at the bottom of this post, she makes a set of place mats that she designed and is kind enough to share the pattern for. I thought they would be a fun project to do, and wanted to make mine burgundy and gold. I decided to do a 4th of July fabric on the back so they would be reversible and I could use them for the next upcoming holiday.  As usual I didn’t buy enough of the backing fabric (who else is so cheap they consistently do this?), so I altered the pattern a little bit by taking a bigger seam between my strips. I actually liked the change this made because my diamonds do not touch and this makes them appear to be floating in the burgundy fabric. I followed Angela’s pattern except that I took a 3/8th inch seam instead of a 1/4 inch. I still think the place mats turned out to be a nice size. They are 18X13 inches.IMG_2601



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