Baby Bug Quilts

When my son was little, his favorite book was called Snug Bug. In the book Snug Bug had a teddy bug. My Mom made my son a little teddy bug and he loved it and slept with it every night for a long time. We still have the original teddy bug and here is a picture of it.IMG_1927

I know it is a funny looking thing, but I assure you this is what a teddy bug looks like. Ha Ha. I went to a quilt show in Lakeland, Florida and one of the vendors had a cute bug panel by Timeless Treasures and some coordinating bug fabric by the same company. It reminded me of Snug Bug and I decided to make each of my children a Snug Bug quilt to use for their future children. I ordered a couple snug bug books and got my Mom on board to make me 2 more teddy bugs. IMG_1931

I decided to make a corner pocket on the back of each quilt to store teddy bug in. I used a very soft baby velcro to seal the pocket closed and appliqued a butterfly on each pocket.IMG_1930


I just used 5 inch squares and the panels to make the quilts. I think they are very cheerful looking, and Lord willing will be enjoyed by future generations. If I am so blessed I look forward to snuggling with future grand babies and telling them the story of Snug Bug who was afraid of a boy. IMG_1928


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