Mug Rug Mania

IMG_1852-e1491783245992-33lirvm0wsn4jdk3h11af4I love to sew, but sometimes it requires hours and hours of work before you get the satisfaction of a finished product. So every once in a while it is nice to make something small for quicker gratification. Mom and I have been playing around with some of the “in the hoop” embroidery projects. I came across an “in the hoop” mug rug design that is just a basic mug rug with quilting. Then you can add any embroidery pattern you want.

I bought the mug rug patterns from The Henz Embroidery on She has 3 mug rugs with different quilting designs. I have used all three and love them all.


For this mug rug I added a Bible Verse that was free from Designs by Juju.


I used a design from the shop PersonLife on Etsy for this one.


This appliqué design came from an Etsy store called AppliquéDownload.


These Cute snowmen also came from a shop on Etsy called BabyNucciEmbroidery.


And this one was a design called Showers of Flowers from Embroidery Library.  The one with the hearts used a design I had used in my Valentine’s Day Table Runner post by GardenofDaisies on Etsy.

I like to back my mug rugs with felt so they are nice and thick. I have been known to set hot soup on mine.

I have made several more that are not pictured. They make great gifts and are a nice way to decorate your home for the holidays!


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