Rosetta’s House Quilt

IMG_1828-32bv0upacka4awpyir3ugwAfter getting an embroidery machine last Christmas, I was determined to make a quilt with a Bible verse on it.

In my stash was some Robert Kaufman fabric that has rows of houses in it, so it was not exactly a leap to use the verse from Joshua which says…”as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”  This fabric was part of a 3-yard pack of coordinating cottons with the focus fabric  having rows of houses.  I had picked it up at a wonderful fabric store on the way back to Florida from Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I bought some house embroidery designs on Etsy from a store called embroiderquilt.

My husband John, and daughter, Robin, helped with the logistics of getting the pattern going as we were starting from square one.  We decided on nine 9-inch rows cut the width of the fabrics.  There are also two rows of houses and two rows of lettering going along both sides of the quilt.  The houses were embroidered onto a coordinating grey fabric.  An embroidered green vine was made for the final border around the quilt.  The quilt was tightly quilted on a mid-arm quilter but could be done on a home sewing machine.

We were all very pleased when it was finished.  It is more difficult when working without a pattern but also very gratifying to create as a team something new from existing materials.IMG_1832

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