Stained Glass Quilt

IMG_4554-31pxlbpjq1w4uvbtl7a4g0As a quilter who also loves stained glass lamps and other stained glass items in general, I decided to make a quilt that looked like stained glass. Choosing bright colors in batik fabrics would give it the look of the sun shining through.  It was fun shopping for fabrics. Then, of course every piece needed to be bordered in black strips imitating the leaded pieces.

After piecing a third of the quilt I decided to add a center of impressionistic art piecing. I was inspired by a photo I had seen on Pinterest.     My husband, John, helped me cut the pattern pieces for the design.IMG_4552
I quilted it on my mid arm Tiara II starting in the center. There are two rows of stitching in each of the black strips throughout. Then the problem became how to quilt all of those different colors without changing thread for each colored block. In the end I used transparent polyester thread on top and a matching red color for the back of the quilt. It has been a 2-year off-and-on process, but as all quilters will tell you, it is worth it when the work is done.IMG_4557

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