Checkers Table Runner

IMG_4326Anyone up for a game of checkers? Owl play. Ha Ha.  I am still into making table runners. Maybe because it is a quilt that I can finish within the perameters of my attention span. I had a lot of fun embroidering these owls. Or more precisely, I had a lot of fun picking the thread colors and watching Mom’s sewing machine embroider these owls.  I wanted to make a functional table runner that would look nice on the table, but also double as a board game. Something we could quickly sit down and play, since it is already on the table.

I started out by making a grid of 2 inch squares in different colors. The grid was 8 squares wide by 8 squares long.  I put a yellow border around the grid that was 1 inch wide.  I then added a red border on the outside that I wanted to end up about 4 inches.  I made it about 5 inches to start, so that I could cut off the excess and square it up nicely after doing the embroidery.

I used the “Owl Be There” set of baby owls from embhome on etsy, and the “Buzzing Bees and Blossoms Border” from embroidery library. IMG_4328

Then I decided to use covered buttons for the checkers. I bought 1 and 1/2 inch flat back buttons. To make the buttons you cut a circle about 1/2 inch larger than the button all around.

Then you push this into the plastic holder and fold the fabric into the center of the button.

Then you take the back of the button and place it over your folded fabric.

Then press it in with the hard plastic tool.

Then remove the button from the plastic tool and you have a lovely covered button. It was very simple and quick.

Now just do this until you have 12 of each color. Since they are flat on the bottom you can stack one on top of the other to king your pieces, or just flip them over to the silver side.

Now turn off the TV and have some fun!



5 thoughts on “Checkers Table Runner

  1. Robin, from what source did you purchase the buttons to cover for this project? I’m thinking I could make some colorful covered buttons and then add a magnetic disc to the back to use on a magnetic board. By the way, since I am commenting – I think you have some very creative ways to upcycle. “Use what you have” is one of my favorite mottos! Keep up the good work!


    1. Thanks Sarah! I got it from the site from a company called basilandfluffy. I’m sure you can search their company or search flat backed covered buttons. They have lots of sizes. I order from etsy all the time. I had extra buttons and was thinking of doing the same thing for my daughters magnetic board in her dorm room.


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