Nine Patch Scrap Quilt

We have an old quilt that my Grandmother Winnie made. It is our favorite quilt to lay under. The backing and binding are made of white cotton that is so worn that the edges of the binding are starting to wear away. Because the fabric is so worn, it is now incredibly soft. It is a nice size throw. Big enough for 2 of us to cover up with.IMG_4305

I also have a large quilt that my Mother Rosetta, and Great Aunt Louella made for me. It was made from left over fabric they had used to make clothing. So each piece in the quilt has a story, such as, this is a piece of fabric from the dress I made you for Easter, and so on.IMG_4309

I was in the mood to organize my sewing area and had a container full of scraps that I had used for various projects. I decided I wanted to do a modern take on a scrap quilt with a white cotton backing and binding. So I cut up my scraps into 3 inch squares and cut up an equal amount of white squares. I then did simple alternating 9 patch squares. I did 7 squares for the width and 9 squares for the length. I then added 3 borders, 2 three inch white borders with a border of extra scrap 3 inch squares in the middle. The final size is 65×80 inches. Plenty big enough for 2 or 3 people to cuddle under.

I love the finished product! It is bright and cheery, and each piece has a story. I see the skirt I made my daughter, the pajamas I made my son, and so forth. My kids still don’t like to lay under it as much as grandma’s quilt, since it isn’t as soft and worn, but with each wash it is getting there. Maybe one day it will be my grandkids favorite quilt to cuddle under, when it has been well loved and the binding begins to wear away.IMG_4313

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