Reusable Swiffer Pads

IMG_3802-3059nnptpx995f8osii2o0Hello everyone! I wanted to tell you about the Swiffer pads I made yesterday! I had seen the idea of fleece reusable swiffer pads on pinterest.  Yesterday, I was at the fabric store looking through the remnant bin. I happened to notice some fleece pieces there and decided to buy a piece and give it a try.  I was able to buy a remnant piece of 3/4 yards for $1.50.  I took one of the swiffer pads I had on hand and measured it.


I rounded up a little and decided to cut my pads 11 inches by 8 1/2 inches.


I was able to get 14 pads from my piece of fabric.


I was not convinced that the fleece would hold on to the dirt well enough for these pads to be effective. So I gave it a trial run. I found that it picked up all the dirt except for the larger hard pieces.  This same thing occurs with the regular swiffer pads.  I usually just push the larger pieces into a pile and pick them up with a damp paper towel. The fleece picked up and held onto the hair, dust, and lighter dirt just fine.


It did so well on my regular floors, I decided to use another pad and do the closets under the shoe racks and bathrooms.  I can’t believe the amount of dirt I picked up off my floor! I promise I keep a pretty clean house. Let’s never speak of this again.:o) I took a piece of paper towel and wiped the worst of the dirt off the pad because I didn’t want to put that much dirt into my washing machine. The bulk of it went into the trash. Then I decided to see if I could use a pad to wet mop the floor.  I put a little cleaner and water in the sink and wet a fresh pad. I squeezed out the excess water and put the wet pad on the swiffer.  It worked great as a mop pad as well. I just had to reapply the water every so often when it dried out. I took another pad and used it to dust the furniture.  It did a good job holding onto the dust and did not leave any lint residue behind. Then I threw the used pads into the laundry with some towels and it washed up well.



I think these pads are a great idea! And best of all, trying them out caused me to dust, sweep, and mop my floors!



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